Modular Flowcytometer (MoFlo)
allows the isolation of single
cell from a mixture of cells at a
speed of 70,000 events per sec.
High Producing Cell Line Development for Antibodies and Proteins
1) Hyprocell uses a proprietary technology to develop high expressing
 stable protein or antibody cell lines in approximately 4 months.
2) Hyprocell’s cell lines are fast growers (doubling time 24 hours)
3) Reach high cell density (6-7 million cells per mL) in shake flasks
4) Maintain high viability (> 95%)
5) High volumetric and specific productivity (50 to 100 pcd)
6) The Antibody cell lines produce 4.0 to 6.0 g/L antibody in stirred
  tank  bioreactors.
7) These cell lines are stable for 90 to 120 generations

Additional Capabilities and Services
  • Medium optimization for higher productivity
  • Protein or Antibody production at 50 Liters scale
  • Regulatory friendly Host cell line
  • Class 100 Clean Room Facility
  • Produce purified materials

  • 10 Biosimilars cell lines to Sell or Licensing or Co-development

Hyprocell can prepare cell bank and all the required testing (virus test,
bacteriostasis test, fungistasis test and Mycoplasmas test) for high
producing cell lines.

We have three 25L Wave bioreactors and we can do antibody or
protein production and purify them and do analytical tests such as SDS-
PAGE, Western blot, ELISA, isoelectrofocusing, host cell protein
contamination, N-terminal Sequencing, peptide mapping and aggregate

We also provide
purified materials for studies.
Hyprocell is a High Producing Cell Line Company
Class 100 Clean