About Us
We are the experts in high producing cell line development

We are Cell Biologists and Immunologists with several years of
research experience in molecular biology and in clinical cell line
development at the Biopharmaceutical companies.

We have Modular Flowcytometer (MoFlo) in house and we will use this
high speed cell sorter to develop a high producing antibody or protein
cell line.

We have very good experience both in transient expression and
stable expression of antibodies or proteins

The high producing stable antibody and protein cell lines produce 1.0
to 3.0 gm / Liter with highest specific productivity.

We also do the following services:

1) Expression construct and Plasmid preparation
2) Cell culture medium optimization
3) Antibody or Protein production at 50 Liter scale
4) Purify antibodies or proteins
5) Western blot analysis
6) Host cells protein contamination assay
7) Protein A contamination assay
8) Endotoxin assay
9) Antibody-Antigen binding kinetic studies using BiaCore
10) SEC-HPLC Assay for %of aggregates determination
11) N-terminal sequencing of proteins or antibodies
1) Isoelectrofocusing for antibodies
Modular Flowcytometer (MoFlo)
allows the isolation of single
cell from a mixture of cells at a
speed of 70,000 events per sec